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Welcome to McDiddy's dot com!

McDiddy's is a Counter-Strike cartoon created by SuperJer. There is also a sequel called McDiddy's 2. This is the future official site of all material in the McDiddy's franchise, including the cartoons, playkit and other McDiddy's stuff coming in the aforementioned future.


Original Cartoon

McDiddy's 1

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Fun facts about McDiddy's!

McDiddy's 2

The Sequel

McDiddy's 2

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Fun facts about McDiddy's 2!

McDiddy's Game


McDiddy's Game

Currently under development.
Follow the progress here.

More McDiddy's?

The McDiddy's 3 Intro Video is available to watch now! You'd better be happy with it because it's all you're going to get.

Check out the SuperJer Forum - Where you can beg SuperJer for more McDiddy's.

Make your own McDiddy's cartoon - Flash MX or newer is required.

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